lice-removal-shampoo-products-burlingameOur head lice removal products are safe, organic, and non-toxic. We use natural ingredients like rosemary that make life miserable for lice.

Our products successfully treat you and your children without exposing you to toxic chemicals.

  • Organic Shampoo - gentle and non-drying for the scalp, our shampoo provides itch relief for you as it makes life miserable for lice.
  • Organic Conditioner - our conditioner makes combing an easy and pain free experience. It also helps to keep lice away.
  • Organic Leave-in Conditioning Spray - repels the lice when your child is at school.
  • Organic Environment Spray - designed to help you with the zones that are tough to vacuum or clean. You can use it on car seats, furniture, curtains, etc.


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