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Hair Spies Organic Head Lice Removal Goes Green

Record low rainfalls, and fears of drought make going green in our daily lives more important than ever. Hair Spies, Inc. a local head lice removal salon in Burlingame, CA has three methods for running a green business. First, use and sell only organic products. Second, partner with other green businesses. Third, emphasize the three R's - reduce reuse recycle - in all daily practices. Read the complete Press release at PRWeb

Hair Spies, Inc. Offers Complimentary Head Lice Check

Digital Journal LogoBurlingame, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2013

Hair Spies, Inc. is proud to offer complementary head lice checks for children. Head lice can potentially affect everyone that has a full head of hair. Most people with children or that work with children will come in contact with the parasite at some point.

No matter the environment, once an individual hears the word 'lice,' it creates a psychosomatic response; therefore a person can become itchy and believe that they also have it. To calm the nerves of the Bay Area public, Hair Spies has created a quick head lice check to appease its customer base.

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Hair Spies Readies for Post Summer Vacation Lice

Digital Journal LogoBurlingame, CA (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

Vacations are a great time for families to get together and spend time with friends. There is plenty of traveling and visiting during Spring Break, so head lice in one community can be spread to others. Most schools are savvy to this trend, and will be checking their students when they return from vacation. Hair Spies, Inc. of San Mateo is also well aware of the trend, and is preparing for the increase in appointments.

“Many schools have us come out to check their students after each school vacation. They find that this helps them to avoid a head lice outbreak by nipping it in the bud,” says Justine Ball, Hair Spies owner.

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Hair Spies Combats Growing Head Lice Concerns

Digital Journal LogoBurlingame, CA (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

The stigma about head lice leads many people to believe that the itching they are experiencing must be due to anything other than head lice. By the time they have purchased a whole new line of hair products, and commiserated with friends about the dry winter weather, they have a severe case of head lice. Head lice is prevalent in the winter months, especially in children, because hats and coats are tucked away together, where lice can be transferred. Tucked away on a second floor in fashionable Downtown Burlingame is Hair Spies, Inc., a discrete and comfortable place for treatment. They employ “Hair Agents” who secretly “hunt down and eradicate” head lice.

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Head Lice Have a New Enemy in the Bay Area - Hair Spies

Press-Release-150x150Company flawless through first month

For Immediate Release

BURLINGAME, Calif., (June 3, 2009) – Hair Spies, the only delousing salon in San Mateo County, is on pace to finish their first month of providing family-friendly head lice removal with a perfect record.

"We have had 100 percent success removing head lice from our clients in a natural, safe way," said Amanda Riccetti, cofounder of Hair Spies. "The first week we were open, a school had an outbreak and parents and their children were very happy to have a head lice salon on the peninsula to serve them."

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New Head Lice Removal Business For Families

June 9, 2009

Head Lice Removal Business - Examiner.comWho would know that 2009 would become the Year of the Louse? This was supposed to be the Year of the Ox by the Japanese Zodiac, but upstart nit picker companies may be a new sign. While many businesses have downsized or closed up shop this year, lice removal specialists seem to be on the rise. Some nit pickers offer salon services and some offer in-home services.

On the west coast, for instance, Hair Spies is about to celebrate their first month anniversary. Hair Spies is the only delousing salon in San Mateo County in Burlingame, California. The new business, described in a recent press release through Market Wire, was formed by three sisters — an artist, a doctor and a preschool director — who have "the perfect combination of knowledge and experience for fighting head lice."

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